We will identify the needs of each individual tree and apply the proper pruning technique to achieve the desired result.

Pruning ensures the proper growth and health of the tree and also allows sunlight to filter through the canopy so that your lawn and plants below can grow more vigorously.

Proper pruning will also increase air flow through the canopy, encourage new growth and will help sustain the longevity of your trees. 
Most quality trees will have few problems, but occasionally problems may arise that are so serious the tree must be removed because it poses a hazard to people or property.  A tree may become hazardous if:

  • The tree has been struck by lightning  or is at the end of it's lifespan
  • Wind or other storm damage.
  • Signs of severe disease, root damage or disturbance.
  • Large percentage of dead or dying limbs
  • Too close to home, garage or driveway
  • Large cracks, hollow cavities, or rotting areas in the trunk or major limbs

When removal is necessary, the professionals at Creek Tree will carefully remove your tree.  Our experience will allow us to remove your tree without damaging surrounding structures or vegetation and our bucket trucks allow us to remove even the tallest trees safely and efficiently!
  • We have firewood available in the fall!